Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Finest LifeStyles (Breadwinnerkane)

1breadwinnerkane 2 Ceo of artillerysouthent also Bwa artist so 12 plus years 3 well my family from a lot of places jus to name a few oiho Alabama Georgia my family we came from the bottom the have nots 4 out of all this thanks to god an thanks to my Bru Kevin an to be able to help my family an respect each an everybody 5 ox from the movie belly the Jamaican guy an Kevin gates inspired me to actually spent the money I was spending in other artist an put it on me lol but its working I'm the hottest out of Alabama rip down mrbigg 6 as a artist yes but like I said I'm bossed up so its people around me 7 in 5 years we will be so blessed  feet kicked up Bwa is the biggest shit since cash money no limit this shit crazy big 8my fist mix tape nothing bigger than the b did 7 8 million on my mixtapez I mean shows coming in going out 100it 9barely famous dropping soon prob Nov Dec (why she talking) is out now the remix feat. My Bru Kevin gates owt I mean shit polin Bwa 10 from Alabama u no its not alit of famous rappers or celebritys in bama rip doeb 11bwa breadwinners association we got OG boobies black dropping his tape soon also he got millions of views on world star look out for him Bwa taken over gangsta shit 100it

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