Saturday, March 18, 2017

Live Long Media Exclusive (New Sponsor)

Hello Everyone. My name is Shawn Carter and I am a freelance music producer, engineer, mixing and mastering musical artists. Top of the line for a while low-key. I also sing/songwriter, plus EDM DJ. There's not much I don't do so I'm always looking to gain some extra skills!

I have a small space for recording, mainly vocals. As well as recording, I know how songs should sound and what they need to become great. I make instrumentals that are available if needed and work with you to make create your own sound. I mix and master all tracks. Plus, if you only need me to do one of these things, I give the best of quality and the sound that you are looking for. If you're not satisfied with the sound, then let me know what needs to be done and I'll fix it for you no problem!

Would love to hear from you. Click the Links below to get in touch.

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Thursday, March 16, 2017

LiveLongMedia Exclusive (Ryan Atkins)

Jersey’s own Ryan Atkins is an R&B recording artist and songwriter well known throughout the Tri-State area. She’s been featured on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop and is truly a woman that will stop at nothing to entertain. Early on in life, she discovered her passion for music and set out to begin pursuing her dream.
With her versatility and musicality, the sound of her music can best be described as pure and passionate with truthful meaning. 
Ryan’s latest album “Misery Loves Company”, talks about love, lust, pain, and living through the highs and lows. Ryan’s music is a stylistic fusion: “ When people ask me about the style of this album, I can’t define it in just one word. It’s just a heartfelt true meaning behind every track. A woman not afraid to tell her closest stories yet look onto the world and still be able to love. 

Instagram: ryanismusiq 
Facebook: ryanismusiq1 
Twitter: ryanismusiq 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Finest LyfeStyle's (Honey Dinero)

Honey Dinero is a raw, edgy and direct no-holds-barred emcee! Known for her street lyrics complimented by a rhythmic Alto and sensual delivery over heavy bass line drums and smooth mid-tempo narrates life, love, pain and soul in her music. Born in the Bronx where harsh experiences almost conquered her sparkle. Honey's burdens and pain soon morph into a unique cutting-edge delivery that her fans relate to feeling every sorrow, teardrop, triumph and success.

 Honey Dinero is often compared to Foxy Brown or Remy Ma; like them, she delivers lyrics with a strong deep-rooted passion for the art of hip-hop. Her lyrics transition from her mouth to one's ear is packed with style, Grace, and Powerful knowledge. with big brown eyes and self-preserving sexy Style, she is a trendsetter, as a 2x best female rapper at Urban Thresholds Underground Music Awards Honey Dinero is on the rise to becoming one of rap's most prominent women Mc's.

 Honey Dinero has been actively working on her own clothing and cosmetics line called " Luxe 5” she has a few custom leather and fur pieces designed and Handmade by herself. She currently wears these pieces at her photo shoots and videos as well as on stage when she performs. Regarding her a cosmetic line, she will develop order she spoke red to release when the project is done and ready for commercial sales. She is currently developing a foundation of Music and Education and the importance of great grades and behavior first. She is strongly passionate about empowering young ladies and women on self-love, self-esteem, and strength.

Coming off a March 2015 successful collaborative project called, "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" with PYN records/Wu-Tang Management recording artist, NYMROD; at the top of 2016 while writing and producing a visual concept e.p. called "LIPSTICK & BULLETS", she independently released her debut dub hit "Stick Em" under her own company “SINFUL GUILTY MUSIC”. She teamed up with her visual director, Charles “DK” Thompson and Engineer Producer skywalker Dutch to form “CINEMATIC MUSIC GROUP” and at the end of 2016 released the first visual single, “NO MERCY”. Slated to debut this short length film entitled the same, this soundtrack includes production from D-Block’s own Vinny Idol & Dayzel the Machine, Canadian producers Teck N Clips, and Ghana national Producer, Three Kube Beats. “LIPSTICKS 7 BULLETS VISUAL E.P.” will be Hip Hop’s version of “Mahogany”. This is the story of love betrayal and triumph; which is musically full of life, energy, and sexiness. She will bring solid heat bangers along with her femininity to cultivate the mind, body, and soul.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Finest LyfeStyle's (AcStyle) Exclusive

   After the national success of her song "Ridin" featuring Shawnna reaching #9 on The DRT radio charts and the success of her breakout R&B track "Keep it on the low" Chicago recording artist "ACStyle" came back with a new controversial song called "Situationship" which chronicles the turbulent relationship AC was in with reality show star "Judi Jai" from the show "Bad Girls Club". Their relationship troubles were well documented in 2015 on TV and the internet by "TMZ". AC released  "Situationship". The buzz created propelled "Situationship" to cult status due and now "Situationship" stands strong in its 17th week on the "Billboard Hot Singles Sales Charts". 

ACStyle's Accomplishments

*Track "Situatonship" Reached #1 on the billboard "Hot Single Sales" Charts in June 2016

*Track "Ridin" featuring Shawnna went #9 on the National Radio Charts

*Music is featured on Pandora

*Was solo half time performer for basketball game televised on ESPN

*Opened up for: Trey Songz, Nikki Minaj, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, French Montana, Bone Thugs and Harmoney, Caskey, Twista, Etc.

*Notable Performances: Essence Festival, SXSW, BET Awards Pre-Party, The Portage Theater, The United Center, Soldier Field, SJ2 Festival, The AO3 Festival

*Holds annual local charity drives for Back to school supplies, food during thanksgiving, and Toys for children for christmas

*Nominated for best female rapper at 2015 NYC Underground Music Awards

*Sponsored by: Christina Milians Clothing and Wine Brands

*AC's clothing line is being sold in stores in the chicago metropolitan area






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Monday, March 6, 2017

==Against the Ropes == /Joseline Navarro\

The Chocolate Goddess Joseline Navarro is a rising star on the independent wrestling scene still in her rookie year which ends June 2017. She is trained by Brandon Xavier out of the Mega Championship Wrestling Academy in Elyria, Ohio. Already she has wrestled in numerous states including Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky and West Virginia. She is also the only female trainee in her school.

She is the current Fighting Spirit Champion at Mega Championship Wrestling. She is also the first black woman to hold the belt. 

Outside of wrestling, Navarro is a former track and field athlete who excelled in sprint events earning state championships. She also ran briefly in college before quitting to focus on wrestling.  She enjoys traveling, video games, exercising and sports.

Live Long Media:: What is your name?
A:: Joseline Navarro

Live Long Media:: How & why did you become a wrestler?
Joseline Navarro:: I found Mega online and messaged them and they sent me tryout information. I wanted to become a wrestler because I've always been a fan of it 

Live Long Media:: do you think it's harder for a female wrestler than a Male?
Joseline Navarro:: Of course because we still have this stigma that we can't wrestle or we won't be great at it because we're women. It's much harder for us to get respect but I work hard for mine all the time.

Live Long Media:: What company's have you worked for?
Joseline Navarro:: Mega Championship Wrestling, XICW, PCW, NWA Midwest just to name a few.

Live Long Media:: Have you been in the Ring with any well-known names?
Joseline Navarro:: If you mean like former WWE superstars or something then no.

What is your nationality?
Joseline Navarro:: I have dual citizenship

What are your goals as a wrestler?
Joseline Navarro:: To become one of the top wrestlers in the world, Make it to the WWE.

What else do you do besides wrestling?
Joseline Navarro:: Traveling, video games, exercise, hanging out with friends, watching sports etc.

A great interview from Joseline Navaro. Expect more to come as Miss Joseline is on the rise!

Twitter: Jos_E_Navarro Instagram:@joseline__navarro

Friday, March 3, 2017

Live Long Media Exclusive

Johnnie Floss is performing at home.. He needs y'all to PULL UP & WITNESS "THE FLOSS" cuz he's shutting down "BROOKLYN COLONY" for ThisIs50/PowTV Show.. S/O 2 @powtv & @respectdagrind for the opportunity.
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Friday, December 30, 2016

Weekend Edition (The Silent Celeb "I am Hip-Hop Soul")

The Silent Celeb "I am Hip-Hop Soul"

“Your Sound is like a punch to the stomach- so strong so raw so refreshing…a true New York soulful sound” – Kelly Price.

Bronx, New York, the original home of hip hop has given birth to this 20th Century’s Hip-Hop Soul phenomenon. She is one of a kind. She is in a class all by herself. One part singer, one part writer and all parts humble…She is The Silent Celeb. This R&B female artist sings with an old school soul but can fall in line equally with the greatest of MCs, both female and male. Knowing that she is not the norm in this industry serves her well, as it motivates her to bring it every time…and that she does. Her music is a soulful and sexy fusion of Jazz, R&B and Hip-Hop all in one. She caresses the microphone like she was born with it in her hands. The Silent Celeb has solidified her spot as one of the best R&B artist to emerge in her time. Compelled by the likes of Missy Elliott, Mary J. Blige, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott and Marsha Ambrosia, her voice and lyrical genius carry a truth and a confidence that lulls you in and keeps you coming back for more but it is her very own life experiences growing up in the Gun Hill section of the Bronx that allows her to demolish any beat she encounters, singing from her soul and breathing life into a track.  As a singer and performer since the age of four, she’s been perfecting her style and skills for years and her timing could not be better. Being released in a time where the industry and society have become more open and accepting of alternative lifestyle and music. Her music remains timeless and universal. “I write for the masses, I have something for everyone.” Good music is good music and The Silent Celebs' music is not only good, it transcends boundaries…be it age, gender or genre.     Silent Celeb has been labeled as the “Next Up” in her generation.  With accomplishments such as winning Grand prize at SOBs for the longest running showcase in NYC “Faces in the Crowd” competition as well as winning the biggest indie showcase grand prize in NYC with They Got Skills and Empire State of Grind Ent for $5000.00 cash deeming her “The 5k Kid” not to mention show stealing performance for The Brooklyn Music Festival and most recently she nominated as the Most Original Female Artist by the Under Ground Music Awards. With the accolades piling up this artist is surely on her way to greatness. The Silent Celeb has worked with an assortment of noteworthy artists and producers. Her consistency and dedication has gained her the respect and acknowledgement of any artist she encounters.  In August of 2016 she served as the RnB Ambassador for NYCs first annual HipHop Retreat Week. In September she was a featured in Lavish Life Magazine’s Indie Corner segment with a 2 page spread. Followed by her debut her EP entitled “The Silent Celebrity Project” which is available online now. With a busy scheduled and a fill itinerary for this final quarter of 2016 you can be sure to hear much more from this Celebrity in the making.
If you are open minded and like good music… and ready to not just hear, but FEEL the music…Blanco is for you.  And if you are ready for an artist you can relate to, even if you feel she’s un-relatable…Blanco is for you. Stay tuned for major moves from this on-the-rise Celeb.
“They say the dangerous ones always move in Silence”