Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Finest LyfeStyle's ( LadyTBadd)

I am a female Artist from Pittsburgh, Pa. I write, Record and perform Hip Hop & RnB music. I also produce some of my own beats and shoot and edit my own music videos, as well as music videos for other music artist. I am a independent upcoming underground artist. Looking for people who love good music and real talent. I have been rapping since 2009 and now currently have 12 mixtape and an EP on iTunes as well as singles on iTunes. I have a lot of videos on youtube and a video on VEVO. If you wanna book me or collaborate please email my management CakeUpManagement@gmail.com

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Management: CakeUpManagement@gmail.com

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Finest LyfeStyle's ~ Lia Givenchy ~

Lia Givenchy is a Gritty, sexy rapper from Brooklyn that treats each bar as a journey. Her sound is a rich raspy blending of true old school Hip-Hop with a modern day twist that has mass appeal. Hailing from Flatbush, Brooklyn Lia is no stranger to the music industry as she was the ghost writing force behind some of the biggest names in the hip-hop industry.

Lia, a true musical visionary has created a new lane for herself with the release of his highly anticipated promo single, “LAX” and followed it with DM Remix released in 2016. 

The child of Guyanese parents, Lia grew up in South America with her mother, two brothers and a sister. She always strived for the best growing up being raised with great West Indian morals and culture. She learned the value of hard work but always dreamt of coming to America to fulfilling her music dreams, and in 2003 that dream began.
When she wasnt in school , music was the name of the gamelistening to hip-hop favorites like lil kim, Foxy Brown Ludacris, and Lil Wayne, plus the hot reggae artist of the moment; painstakingly rewinding verses that caught her ear to write down the lyrics in order to fully learn them and modeled her vocal flow after a few.  With her deep, provocative voice Lia Givenchy is poise to captivate her audiences.

Givenchys strong will in her early years would prove to be a testimony when she took a chance and believed in herself. She created her own record label in 2014 called Bartica records in order to grind out a foothold in the industry that changed her life forever. Her drive continues to this day and defines her as an artist and personality on her own terms. Character, persona, and intimacy of fan access comprise the contemporary currency for any artist and Liathrough singles and videos, connect daily to her dedicated social media following. 

Lia new journey is an opportunity for her to finally present a picture of 360 degrees. The moment, in her words, for people to say, Now I get it. And today, having come through her ups and downs, Lia Givenchy can see new heights as a well-rounded artist, entrepreneur, and a woman.






Team Lia Givenchy

NY Team: Shaneka Favorite: 917-698-0744

Huston Team: Robyn Haynes 832-359-2066

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Monday, June 13, 2016

Against the Ropes Exclusive==The Commission==

The Commission

The Black Superman  Lexx Vegas and  The Bama Bully JaXon Kade.

In 2015, Lexx Vegas introduced the wrestling world to his protégé’  Jaxon Kade. Lexx personally trained JaXon, and molded him into the monster he desired him to be.  After Jaxon’s initial training was complete, Lexx put him through the Ultimate test… A one on one match against Lexx himself! The match was billed as The Student vs The Teacher, with Lexx besting JaXon in the encounter.

This eventually lead to the two teaming up and creating The Commission. The tag team has since taken the Independent Wrestling World by storm…  Appearing across the Country and amassing Championships along the way. The duo currently holds both the Maximum Assault Wrestling Tag Team Champions as well as The Ohio Wrestling Organization Tag Team Championships.  Lexx also holds the Cleveland Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight Championship and The Supreme action Wrestling Heavyweight Championship as a single competitor.

The duo travels together on what they have billed as the “FistsToFaces tour”

You can currently catch The Commission with the following independent companies: Ohio Wrestling Organization in Cleveland, Ohio, Maximum Assault Wrestling in Cleveland, Ohio,  Savage Anarchy Wrestling in Marion, Ohio, Southern championship Wrestling in Zanesville, Ohio, Cleveland Wrestling Alliance in Cleveland, Ohio,  and Funkdafied Wrestling Federation in Warsaw, Indiana.

There are also upcoming booking for Michigan, New York, Florida, California, and Texas. For more information, check their fan pages on Facebook (The Commission, The Black Superman Lexx Vegas, and JaXon Kade) or Instagram  (IamLexxVegas)

Thursday, June 9, 2016


Ryan Atkins is a R&B recording artist and songwriter, well known in the NJ/NY music scene. She's been featured on Season 5 of Love and Hip-Hop New York, and is truly a woman that will stop at nothing to entertain.

Growing up in Jersey City, NJ Ryan was gifted with a lovely singing voice and started to really pursue her dream by the age of 11.

The sound of her music can best be described as pure and passionate with truthful meaning. 

In her own words, "Music is a feeling and I believe only if it comes from my heart and I really love it ... then people will feel it."

From spending time learning from some of the most accomplished producers and writers including Monica, Donell Jones, and Tony Braxton; Ryan has definitely gained tons of experienced and truly understand the magnitude in creating the type of timeless music of her own.

Today, more than ever, she is ready and has what it takes to be that up-and-coming icon in the music industry.

Instagram: @ryanismusiq
Website : www.ryanismyname.com

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Finest LyfeStyle's ( TYi FLOWS )

Musician of  no specific genre,  TYi FLOWS refuses to bow to the traditional industry standard.  He's  VP of  Bite  The Bullet Entertainment,  Street  Team Coordinator for  The Lyrically Live Show on DTF Radio,  as well as a brand ambassador and model for OHM Clothing.  Flows  (neè Rafael Molina) lives outside of  the box,  so naturally the music he creates is a reflection of that.  The first single off  of  his (yet untitled) LP,  "Lose Control",  pairs deep bass with an eclectic combination of  Rock and  Trip-Hop.  The video takes your eyes on a journey into the mind of  an abstract visionary.  It all began in a modest apartment in Brooklyn,  where the air was thick with a vibrant mix of  Soul,  Disco,  Jazz,  Rock and Salsa.  "Music is an integral part of  my everyday life; it's woven the fabric of  the man that I am today” says  TYi.  In the early 90's he started off  with freestyle raps transitioning to written verses and eventually penning full length songs at the age of  15.  Once he mastered structuring lyrical content,  he moved onto behind the scenes production.  Samples from a track board gave way to performing on legendary stages like SOB's in New  York's Soho district.  His signature sound uses live congas,  guitars,  violins,  harmonicas and pianos,  creating a soundtrack that is truly original.   "My material comes from my experiences and what’s happening in the world around me.  It’s very personal; I meant it to be that way because music is the one thing that will always bring people together" says King Flows.  

Contact & Booking Info: Email:  TyiFlows@gmail.com Mobile: (929)258-6927 Social Media: IG/TWITTER: @TyiFlows facebook.com/TyiFlows YouTube.com/channel/UCrle1TfBZLl8tLMTtvA0g-w http://YouTu.be/MQD_PScws-c  (Lose Control  Video)

Monday, June 6, 2016

Finest LyfeStyle's ( SMD & The Underground is a SoulFolk trio)

"SMD & The Underground is a SoulFolk trio fresh out of the Peoria area featuring the vocal stylings of Sarah Marie Dillard supported by the expert musical abilities of Mr. Brandon "Muffin Man" Mooberry on upright bass and Nick "The Kid" Fairley on jazz percussion. This driven, upbeat trio boasts a unique repertoire of original SoulFolk compositions, jazz standards with a modern twist, and youthful arrangements of well-loved classic hits ranging in style from Golden Oldies and Motown to Americana and Classic Country to Indie, Pop, and everywhere in between! With a rarely-seen gusto, this unique threesome works to present a truly original style with evident joy and passion, taking it upon themselves to offer their stage(s) as a sounding board for the Underground artists of Central Illinois. If you’re curious about what Peoria has for your ears, look no further than SMD & The Underground!"