Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Against The Rope =="Dark Angel Dominique" Fabiano==

"Dark Angel Dominique" Fabiano from hell, Michigan. One of the youngest newest sensation to hit the woman's wrestling scene. Starting wrestling traning at the house of the truth only 14 years of age and it's currently 16 years old living her dream and learning from the best thank you for stopping by the store! -BE CAREFUL WHO YOU TRUST THE DEVIL WAS ONCE A ANGEL from hell,
Michigan. One of the youngest newest sensation to hit the woman's wrestling scene. Starting wrestling traning at the house of the truth only 14 years of age and it's currently 16 years old living her dream and learning from the best thank you for stopping by the store! -BE CAREFUL WHO YOU TRUST THE DEVIL WAS ONCE A ANGEL

Twitter/Instagram @dfdarkangel

FB: Dominique Fabiano The Dark Angel




Friday, May 27, 2016

WeekEnd Edition ''the journey of a trainee" Anthony DiNorscio--

I was born on the Westside of Cleveland on February 5th, 1984. My parents divorced before I was born, so I've never met my father, but was always shown great love and affection from my mother and grandparents. Growing up I spent a lot of time with my grandfather, an Italian immigrant from a small town called Mirabella. With all the time that we spent together, I had picked up much of his influences and personality, which has molded me into the old soul that I am today; frequently choosing a good Frank Sinatra album over music of today.

From a very early age, one thing I was always passionate about was Pro Wrestling. Sitting in front of the television being mesmerized by these larger than life characters is a fond memory of my childhood. I had always dreamed of stepping into the squared circle someday but always figured it was just that, a dream. In 2015 I found out that a couple of co-workers of mine were wrestling for a local independent company, Ohio Wrestling Organization. One of these buddies of mine, Lexx Vegas had told me that the company was looking for a DJ for their events. I was immediately interested and contacted the owner. I was hired as DJ and Ring Announcer in November of 2015, then eventually following my dream and began training as a wrestler. I've had the great fortune to be training under great workers like Chuck Jackson, Noj the Wild Samoan, Lexx Vegas and James Lethal just to name of few of the guys helping me. I'm still very green, I only have one match under my belt, but I'm looking forward to what lies ahead!

Besides wrestling, I am also very passionate about being creative. As a hobby I enjoy painting and doing digital artwork. I design all the promotional products for OWO.

I work as a Security Manager at a casino and do DJ gigs like weddings, graduations, parties and the like. I got married last October to a beautiful woman, Clarissa, who is a nurse.

I'm the type of person that always looks at the jar as half full, always looking for the positives in situations. 

Contact Information:


FB: Anthony DiNorscio

Twitter: Ital_BulldogAD

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Live Long Media Exclusive ( Reasn)

Rushcommunique would like to introduce music artist The Reasn. The Reasn is currently touring on the 2016 B.o.B STFU Tour in U.S. markets.
The  Reasn’s  life of music began with singing in church choir at a young age. Growing up in Columbia Missouri, he soon started to participate in local talent shows. Singing, songwriting and performing quickly became a passion to which he dedicated most of his time while growing up.  Struggling with a learning disability in school, The  Reasn  found music to be his main driver of confidence and success. Last year in 2014 he connected with producers Ron "Neff-U" Feemster  (Michael Jackson,  Dr  Dre, Eminem, Jay-Z) and Devrim  "DK"  Karaoglu  (Lana Del Rey,  Mylie, Marina & The Diamonds) . The latest single "Blue Flame" produced by DK features epic rock guitar riffs by Tim Pierce who has worked with legends Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Madonna. Reasn's  “rebel with a cause” attitude shines thru in the topics of all his songs, which tell a story of self-discovery, life, love, struggles, hope, and exposing the demons that we all face.

The Reasn is currently accepting Radio Interviews, Magazine Interviews, Brand and Product Partners, Autograph Signings and Meet & Greets.
Web Site: www.thereasn.com
You Tube Video Single Link "Blue Flame"
You Tube Video Single Link "Killer"
Instagram : @TheReasn
Facebook: The Reasn
Any questions please email:Rushpressrelease@aol.com
Instagram @RushCeo
We look forward hearing from you soon.  
Thank You

Friday, May 20, 2016

Weekend Edition ~ Black Rain~

Rain, was born on May 19th, 1982. He grew up on the west side of Detroit raised by both parents. During his childhood he was exposed to different genres of music from artists such as The Funkadelic's, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones and NWA. He gives credit to his father and uncle for that exposure cause him to fall in love with music but he ultimately fell in love with the creativity and the lyrical word play of hip-hop.
His early experimentation with music bought him to a place of uncertainty, he couldn't decide which avenue he wanted to take and took a sabbatical from music. 
In 1996, at Redford High School, he found himself running the hallways with the wrong crowd. This behavior later led to him hustling, chasing girls and being unfocused in life. One day in the lunch room, the intriguing sound of a cipher going on caught his attention. It was at that moment his love for hip-hop was rekindled. 
Despite his love for the music, it still took a backseat to the hustle. In 2005, the street life almost got the best of him as his vehicle was shot at numerous times with his cousin being shot however he was unharmed by the grace of God. It was then he realized hustling was no longer for him and he wanted more. He wanted to live freely and make his love for music known to the world. 
In 2006, he started the journey to reconcile his life. He acquired a position that gave him the time to be more focused on fufilling his dreams. The birth of "The Bad Guys"... a group that included him, Killa Kev, General Beans, and Philly Fresh worked diligently to record 'Bad News The Mix Tape'. The mixtape was independently sold around the city with hopes of building an audience and eventually being the next big thing. Shortly after 'Bad News' hit the streets the group was dismantled but Rain decided to continue on with his journey to become a star!!!

With the advice of Killa Kev, he decided to become a writer. In a matter of months he wrote 18 songs which he's currently in the studio recording new songs weekly. He has toured in different states, currently has songs in rotation, radio interview and recently released his first mixtape Rain Organics... and is currently working on material for the upcoming cd.. Fresh off the Runway!. You can follow him on Facebook @ Michael Black Rain Flowers. on Instagram @therealblackrain or Twitter @realblackrain Be on the lookout for new music coming soon!!

Twitter .. realblackrain

Instgram... therealblackrain

Facebook... Michael Black Rain Flowers

Facebook fanpage..... TheRealBlackRain

Sunday, May 15, 2016

==Against the Ropes == /James Miller\

I was born and raised in Wayne Michigan to my parents joseph and ora miller just 15 mins west of Detroit I was born January 17.1980 I'm 6ft 2 275 pounds ive been a avid wrestling fan since i watch wrestlemania 3 from the pontiac silverdome I've been wrestling a little over a year ive been being trained by mr lexx vegas chuck jackson and noz the wild somoan and a.j fire I've got 2 kids that are my world allison my daughter she's 10 and cody an avid wrestling fan and daddy's biggest fan he's 6 and my wife angela of 7 yrs we been together 

I started out wrestling for m.a.w out in Lorain ohio I'm currently with the o.w.o ohio wrestling organization in Parma and have wrestled for funkdified wrestling federation and the Cleveland wrestling alliance

Friday, May 13, 2016



Calvitron is a progressive rapper from Herriman, UT, with an aptitude of love and to help others in his music, mostly all Old-school vibes, and with a message behind every bar. Influenced by Old-school rappers such as Tupac and Biggie as well as Modern Old-school artists such as Logic, Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole, Calvitron started in 2014. He released his single to introduce his album, Rawness, in October 2015. Rawness was originally made to diss modern rap artists now of days, but while writing it, he realized that it wasn't working out. He decided though that he wanted to keep what he wrote and would just rap about whatever he wanted to. That is how it got the title Rawness. He has yet to release his album "Hip Hop: The Intelligence Movement", But he hopes to have it out before 2016.

He has three main reasons why he raps. First reason is that it's his passion and he loves music. My second reason is the definition of Hip Hop is intelligence movement. Hip comes from the root word hipi, which is a Senegalese language, which means "to open one's eyes and see", or to bring intelligence. The root hop signifies movement. Together, it means intelligence movement. As a rapper, he's trying to stay true to that by teaching something every time I rap. My third reason is that he wants to help people out when he raps. Whether it is teaching them, or giving them advice or anything else, he wants to do the best he can to help people out. There are other reasons why he rap to, But those are the main three















Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Finest LyfeStyle's { Black Muggy }

BlackMuggzy... born in July....Hip Hop and Gangsta rapper from Washington State. I went to prison at the age 17 later to return to the street at the age 28. My musical influences comes from EastSide Pasco better known as the Tripple Cities.. P. Pork, VP Real, 

Hogg Nasty and Shaolin were the first to bring Hip Hop the the streets of Pasco.... Other outside musical influences was the WESTCOAST no doubt.. E-40, Brotha Lynch, Easy-E, Dre, Snoop Dogg, 2Pac... Then there's the Scarface, Outkast, Eightball & MJG,   








Black Muggzy

Monday, May 9, 2016

Finest LyfeStyle's { Amir }

Amir was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is the next to the youngest of eight children having four brothers and three sisters. With the nickname Amirdo the Weirdo growing up wasn't easy for this love ballet soulful singer. From the tender age of three he has been passed around from home to home in and out of different group and foster homes. For many foster care and homes creates a better life for children. However, for Amir it got worse before it even looked brighter. While being a warden of the state of Pennsylvania contact with his siblings and parents was far and few between. His father passed away when he was 14 years old and still in foster care, and his mother had fallen victim to drugs and alcohol.

At the age of 18 years old Amir was released from the state as a free man yet still a boy to face the world alone. Feeling more estranged from his family than ever before Amir set out to find his family and loved ones. With years of searching they all were reunited, but it wasn't the fairytale ending he expected. Everyone seemed to be very well doing their own thing, which was very exciting. They had families of their own families now which was a joy to become apart of. Still motivated by love but hurt from abandonment Amir felt all his blessings coming and began to be at peace. After coming in contact with his mother and beginning to develop a relationship and bond sadly she passed away. Throughout the struggle and constant trials and tribulations of setbacks, love, and desertion Amir remains humble and strong. He has faced head on many obstacles where the thought of giving up on life itself was a common thought that crossed his mind. Yet he is still here standing and fighting. He was blessed with a voice for the world to hear and will not stop until just that.

Alot of Amir's childhood was spent in Homewood, one of Pittsburgh's most dangerously known neighborhoods. Surrounded by drugs, guns, and gang violence he had no choice but to develop what they call "thick skin". After being placed in an upscale Pittsburgh neighborhood, Fox Chapel. Many would have thought this was the blessing coming for Amir, but he was already adapted to the environment he came from and found himself in trouble. Amir was sent to an all male juvenile placement facility, Glen Mills where he graduated with honors landing him the Herman W. Barcus scholorship for $20,000.

While in foster care and group homes Amir was nicknamed Amirdo the weirdo by other kids because he enjoyed being alone and screaming as they called it, but to him he was purely singing from the heart. At the age of five is when he began singing. It started with him imitating TV commercials; he had nobody to play with so he would just copy what he seen everyone watching as a way of getting some attention. It paid off when he heard the song "Can We Talk" by Tevin Campbell. It was always being played and everyone always was smiling singing along, one day he began singing it at the top of his lungs and everyone became quiet, instead of telling him to "shut-up" everyone started clapping and encouraging him to sing. He would be told to sing Stevie Wonder, Tyrese, Jagged Edge, Whitney Houston, Usher, Beyonce, Dru Hill, and many more all to whom he looks at as role models of the industry . At that point he began to sing everything, even his regular conversations. When he felt down, lonely, happy, etc he would sing how he felt. While attending school Amir was involved in the school choir as well as the church choir whenever he was with a family that allowed him to attend church services.

To date Amir has accomplished so much with his music career. He has performed throughout the city of Pittsburgh, PA as well as Philadelphia, PA, Akron, OH, Baltimore, MD and many more. He has opened up for Atlantic records artist Kirko Bangz, Snootie Wild, Fat Trel, and Supa Star LT. Amir has done features with a host of artist throughout the Pittsburgh area. Currently available for download on datpiff.com is his second release, Tease (2014); also his debut release Nothing (2013)is available for download atreverbnation.com/amirofcourse.   Spring 2016 Amir's third release Anywhere But Here will be released. 

Although it was a rough start for Amirdo the weirdo, he was able to defeat the hardtimes. As today he inspires to be better than yesterday and prepare for a better tomorrow, keep your eyes and ears open as you are now witnessing a star being born... AMIR.

Coming spring 2016 

Here are links to two singles off the upcoming release 








Also add on for booking emailbooking@kkmpmanagement.net and for features email koolkase@kkmpmanagement.net

Friday, May 6, 2016

WeekEnd EDITION ~Kieshelle Rawlins~

Kieshelle is considered to be a flawless and talented Gospel saxophonist from Barbados who is vastly becoming an impactful and uprising star in the entertainment industry. With humble beginnings, the artist comes from a strong Christian background placing her emphasis and sincere gratitude to God and by extension the church who has helped to hone and fashion her style & virtuosity. In 2015, Kieshelle was known to be ” the only female Gospel Saxophonist in the Caribbean.”
Kieshelle first picked up music in the year 2004 at the Springer Memorial Secondary School, under the guidance of her teacher Mr. Roger Jordan. Even though she had no real interest into music; as her passion was in athletic, due to an unfortunate injury on the field, Kieshelle was forced into trying the art anyway. As a result, and due to the influence of her teacher Mr. Roger Jordan, along with the constant encouragement of her dad pastor Lennox Rawlins, Kieshelle fell in love with the saxophone and went on to pursue an associate degree in music at the Barbados Community College where she graduated in 2010.
Having graduated from the Barbados Community College with an associate degree in Music, Kieshelle was still undecided as to whether the music industry was the correct path or not. Therefore, with the additional 10 CXC she holds as well as a strong passion for accounting, Kieshelle decided to pursue careers both in teaching and accounting instead. Even though successful in her new endeavours, due to a lack of fulfilment, this detour in her journey didn’t last very long. Having tried everything else, and everything else failing, with a stiff nudging from the Holy spirit, Ms. Rawlins made a decision to pursue her career in Music.
For Kieshelle however, music isn’t just playing a few notes on an instrument, but rather an expression of worship in allowing the holy spirit to use her in ministry. Along with her 10 CXCs and the associate degree in music, Kieshelle also carries with her a list of certificates & accomplishments. Some of these certificates includes distinctions in Grade 4, 5 and 8 music exams from the Royal Barbados School of Music. Her accomplishments also include Gold & Bronze medals from Nifca, “The most impactful awardee of the 2013 Spirit of the Nation Show”, the title in 2015 of “The only female Gospel Saxophonist in the Caribbean” and an award from the 2016 Barbados Flame award.
Ms. Rawlins who stands by her mission statement, “Be honest, be yourself but be the best you this world can see,” has seen here fair share of stages. Kieshelle has ministered at churches all across Barbados. Some of these may include, “Abundant Life Assemblies, Mount of Praise, Trinity Outreach Ministries, Ellerton Wesleyan Holiness, The people’s Cathedral, Power in the Blood Assemblies, C.E.F Miracle Centre, churches of the Nazarene and a number of churches under PAWI.
Apart from church ministry, Kieshelle has also been a feature artist of public events in Barbados, such as “Do Soething World,” “Love, Poetry and Song,” “NIFCA 2013.\,” “Faith in Fest’s Success,” “Sagicor’s Lighting Ceremony,” “Tasha Cobbs- Break Every Chain Concert,” “The Spirit of the Nation Show and her debut concert in 2015 entitled, Kieshelle Rawlins in concert-“MOVING FORWARD.”
Kieshelle continues to shine for excellence as she desires to take her ministry and career throughout the world, bringing lost souls into the kingdom of God. Along with ministry at churches, Kieshelle continues to play at events such as weddings, dinners, concerts, parties, anniversaries and much more.
She can be contacted for bookings via telephone 1, 1(246)234-1992(246)249-7177,1(246)433-0079. Kieshelle is also available on YouTube and Facebook where you can follow her page/channel for a series of Past/present and future engagements. You can also feel free to send an e-mail to kieshellerawlinsministries@outlook.com.



Thursday, May 5, 2016

Finest LyfeStyle's {Ms. Jillian}

Ms. Jillian's music video for her song titled, "Just Me"


Ms. Jillian's EP titled, "The Muzicmind EP" is available on several music outlets such as, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, TuneCore,YouTube, etc.



Born in Greenpoint Brooklyn, Ms. Jillian was surrounded by Hip-hop, R&B, and Pop. She began singing and dancing at the age of 7, where she quickly climbed up the ladder at a local dance academy. Competing all over NYC and placing 1st and 2nd place, Ms. Jillian soon realized that music was something she wanted to pursue; not only as a career but as her passion. At the age of 12, Jillian wrote her first song. Soon after, she performed her song and began to make a name for herself.

Ms. Jillian has auditioned for American Idol, The Voice, along with several other local contests such as NEPA Idol, Steamtown Idol, The VSPOT Idol, and the MLK Contest, all in which she placed 1st and 2ndplace.

After writing several songs, Ms. Jillian decided to embark on the journey of completing her first EP. “The Muzicmind EP” was released in August of 2015 on several digital platforms with features like, IllMaculate from KOD. Ms. Jillian was featured in Valley Magazine as the release of her EP was announced. After receiving great reviews from fans and supporters, Ms. Jillian has decided to begin her next project. While working on her next project, Ms. Jillian seeks opportunities to perform and enhance her fan base.

Ms. Jillian


Twitter: Muzicmind

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ms-Jillian-409329872470388/

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Finest LyfeStyle's { Lish Ventura }

Lish Ventura

Singer Songwriter Lish Ventura hails from Boston, Massachusetts and has spent time in the past year as the lead singer with the band "Sweet Sacrifice" an Evanescence tribute act from the same city. She is currently working under the Crush Media Studios Record Label on brand new original material for the coming year. Lish has been recording with this label since early 2013 concentrating on cover songs and videos. She has been in the top 10 spot on the Revebnation charts for more than a year and spent considerable time at #1 on the Boston Charts. Her YouTube channel has a vast array of songs, but is heavily influenced by Amy Lee and the sound of the Grammy award winning band Evanescence.

Lish is working with triple platinum winning producer, Sunny Lake who has produced such artist as New Kids on the Block and many other major artists. She is now working on new material to be included in an album of original songs to be released in the coming year that includes music written by multi Platinum songwriter Clif Magness of Avil Lavinge fame. 

            Her musical performance influences started as a young lady on the stage acting and singing in many local theater productions. In early 2013 she began a journey into full time music career working with Crush Records senior development producer Eric Baird. It was then that she found a love for music styles like that of Amy Lee and others in the new metal genre. Over the last 2 years she has released 3 cover albums that are available on ITunes, Amazon, and Google music. She can also be heard on Spotify and Sound Cloud. She currently has over 40 songs posted on ReverbNation, but always appreciates fans downloading her music from ITunes as it helps to support her forward progress.


            For the future Lish is working on a new live music act that will include bothe original and cover songs. She recently performed at the annual Worcester Music awards gala. With several major music videos in production and new music coming out of the studio we are sure to see much more of this talented and beautiful young lady in the coming year.

            Lish’s fan base reaches worldwide and includes several fan made pages in France, the USA, and South America. She currently has over 50,000 twitter followers with that number increasing daily.

            You can find out more about Lish Ventura by following her many social media links to stay up to date with her releases.


Twitter:   https://www.twitter.com/Lish_Sings


Lish Ventura Music Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lish-Ventura/244960985659643


ReverbNation: https://www.reverbnation.com/lishventura


ITunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/lish-ventura/id922581337


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lish_sings/


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOF0WoxKD7lXBx6-mroGAxw