Saturday, September 26, 2015

Deja vu's...... Anne Scholte

Growing up as a child i always had an active and crazy imagination, i was able to create something from nothing and spend hours just making my ideas come to life and to pretty much some it all up have lots of fun doing so. As i get older i believe that being creative and pushing boundaries is what art and life is all about and in doing so, Jcruzdesignsinc and Livelongmedia have come up with - The Future Deja vu's a outlet which will be used to recognize young and upcoming artist that remind me of myself (Jcruzdesignsinc) as a young artist. To push them to succeed and give them the exposure and the confidence to continue on there journey as creators

Finest LifeStyles (Cleph)

My name is Muhammad Rashid better know as " CLEPH". Born on May 7, 
1983 in La Guardia hospital in Queens New York. I was raised in Fort 
Greene Brooklyn for most of my life. My parents separated when I was 
very young. When they split it was just my single mother, 3 sisters and 
my older brother. With my father gone I didn't have much of a " 
male-role model" in my life. I was the second oldest of the house which 
left me with most of the responsibilities being that my brother was out 
doing his own thing on the streets. I was mostly homeward bound for 
most of my childhood, because my mother saw the path my brother was 
leading and did not want me to follow suit.
Living in Brooklyn was no walk in the park, I needed to turn to 
something that Fort Greene had not offered at the time. My savior from 
the streets was music. Day after day I listened to the radio listening 
to my favorite artists.  I was very unknowledgeable about the great 
gift I had and insisted on sounding like or mimicking the artists on 
the radio. After a while I realized that I had a gift and with much 
practice I revealed to myself and others that I can sing. When I began 
singing, DRU HILL was my biggest inspiration that I admired most. There 
popular song "WERE NOT MAKING LOVE"  quickly persuaded me that this is 
the dream I wanted to chase.
I wrote my first song when I was in high school called " Take it 
Slow", shortly after that I collaborated my own R&B group " 
DISTINCTION". This group consisted of me and some of my closest 
friends. Our dreams were high for this song and preformed at any venue 
that gave us a chance to sing. After a while things went south with the 
group and we decided to put an end to " DISTINCTION", for reasons that 
would have altered the success of the group. After much thought and 
consideration I decided to become my own voice and become "CLEPH" the 
The name "CLEPH" is from a tattoo I have. I named myself after it 
because a treble clef is the begging of any musical piece, and I 
believe I' am the beginning to a bright future in music. As far as the 
spelling goes, I choose C-L-E-P-H as the spelling because I try being 
as creative and original as possible and I thought It would be a nice 
twist to the spelling. Out of all the artist that are successful today 
I can most relate with  NE-YO because he incurred and lived almost the 
same situations I have prevailed through and he is following his dream 
just like I' am I hope to be as great as him one day.
Over the years I have written about 50 songs and some feature a lot of 
underground talent as well. I have worked with many underground labels 
such as, "Next level", "S-original, and "THE COMPOSERS" In a nut shell I 
want my music to send a message out to others that have never been sent 
before. Song writing and singing have become my life, and without it I 
don't know what or where I would be today. First and foremost I want to 
thank god for givening me such a skill I had no Idea I had before. I 
want to be remember for years to come as the man that changed the face 
of music. For now I'll take it one song at a time

Twitter @rnbcleph

IG : @cleph_

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Finest LifeStyles ( Alphonso Byod) updated

Alphonso (Mr ShakeyGround)Boyd has written songs for The Temptations, Elton John, Aerosmith, Fishbone, The OJays, Etta James, Phoebe Snow, Rebecca Lynn Howard, Delbert McClinton, Van McCoy, Junior Walker, S.O.U.L. and Phats and Small. He has performed with Dennis Edwards, The Olympics, The Calvanes, The Elgins, The Young Hearts, The Imperial Wonders and Truth. He was a staff writer for Motown's publishing company Jobete Music and has his own label ( DYOB Records) and publishing company (Ilahs Publishing).

Friday, September 11, 2015

One of the best

Who Is Exile


After over a decade of using the artist name EXILE I unfortunantly have to change it for legal reason. Now that my career is starting to advanced me and the team are facing 2 main issues. I cannot clear the trademark EXILE and there are search engine issues with streaming sites as well as elsewhere around the web. There are many musicians who go by the name EXILE and it's become harder for people to locate me online.

From here on out I will officially be known as EXILE THE REBEL.

Eventually all social networks and websites will be updated but may take a few weeks. I'm excited to start this new journey and I also have some more exciting news that I will be updating you guys on over the next 2 Week's


Here is Exile's new video "No Regrets"Any feedback on the video would be much appreciated.

Art has a new meaning ( updated)

My name is Javier Cruz, and I am the founder of ‘Jcruzdesignsinc™ Jcdesigns’. I work as a freelance graphic designer, based out of New York, i began my journey into entrepreneuship in 2005, while on this journey i have had the privilege of working with many artist around the states. I have always had the creative drive and creative eye , and at a early age i knew that this was what i wanted to do. From drawing as a young boy at age of 5 on my grandmothers kitchen table, to graduating from the High School of Art & Design this was my passion, as the years and days go by i continue to pursue my passion and my dreams. "My life is design, I love it and I surround myself in it every day" I'm Passionate, Enthusiastic, Skeptical, and Focused. Jcruzdesignsinc is a growing graphic design company serving unique people like yourself and businesses across the world. I give my clients the most superior and cost efficient solutions in this vastly competitive market. In the subjects of design they range from but not limited to mixtape/album covers, logo design, illustrations, print design, advertising & more. I believe that quality is the one article of trade which cannot be compromised and this is clearly seen in my work, giving my clients the satisfaction they deserve. I take pride in every design that i make, But don’t just take my word for it, see for yourself.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Finest LifeStyles ( Johnnie Floss)

Most rappers these days claim to have a certain swag about them, something that makes them stand out from the rest. Maybe it’s star status, maybe it’s the fact that they light up a room when they enter capturing everyone’s attention while doing so. One rapper who has that certain kind of something is Brooklyn’s new favorite emcee, Johnnie Floss. Following the footsteps of some of BK’s finest like Jay Z, B.I.G. and Fabolous, Johnnie Floss uses his witty wordplay and vicious punch lines to get your attention. Don’t get it confused, although he is repping for his city, Johnnie still maintains the ability to make universal records for the world to embrace. Johnnie states “I want to be the next best thing coming out of Brooklyn." Even though dudes like B.I.G., Jay-Z, and Fabolous are tough acts to follow I’m up for the challenge."Armed with quick and precise lyrical assaults, the ability to rock a crowd at anytime and the presence he commands when he hits the stage, there is no doubt that Johnnie Floss came here to play with the big boys. Brooklyn we in here!
Brooklyn Boy video--->
Social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud and IG is Johnnie Floss
Youtube: Floss247