Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Finest LyfeStyle's ~ Lia Givenchy ~

Lia Givenchy is a Gritty, sexy rapper from Brooklyn that treats each bar as a journey. Her sound is a rich raspy blending of true old school Hip-Hop with a modern day twist that has mass appeal. Hailing from Flatbush, Brooklyn Lia is no stranger to the music industry as she was the ghost writing force behind some of the biggest names in the hip-hop industry.

Lia, a true musical visionary has created a new lane for herself with the release of his highly anticipated promo single, “LAX” and followed it with DM Remix released in 2016. 

The child of Guyanese parents, Lia grew up in South America with her mother, two brothers and a sister. She always strived for the best growing up being raised with great West Indian morals and culture. She learned the value of hard work but always dreamt of coming to America to fulfilling her music dreams, and in 2003 that dream began.
When she wasnt in school , music was the name of the gamelistening to hip-hop favorites like lil kim, Foxy Brown Ludacris, and Lil Wayne, plus the hot reggae artist of the moment; painstakingly rewinding verses that caught her ear to write down the lyrics in order to fully learn them and modeled her vocal flow after a few.  With her deep, provocative voice Lia Givenchy is poise to captivate her audiences.

Givenchys strong will in her early years would prove to be a testimony when she took a chance and believed in herself. She created her own record label in 2014 called Bartica records in order to grind out a foothold in the industry that changed her life forever. Her drive continues to this day and defines her as an artist and personality on her own terms. Character, persona, and intimacy of fan access comprise the contemporary currency for any artist and Liathrough singles and videos, connect daily to her dedicated social media following. 

Lia new journey is an opportunity for her to finally present a picture of 360 degrees. The moment, in her words, for people to say, Now I get it. And today, having come through her ups and downs, Lia Givenchy can see new heights as a well-rounded artist, entrepreneur, and a woman.


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