Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Finest LyfeStyle's ( TYi FLOWS )

Musician of  no specific genre,  TYi FLOWS refuses to bow to the traditional industry standard.  He's  VP of  Bite  The Bullet Entertainment,  Street  Team Coordinator for  The Lyrically Live Show on DTF Radio,  as well as a brand ambassador and model for OHM Clothing.  Flows  (neè Rafael Molina) lives outside of  the box,  so naturally the music he creates is a reflection of that.  The first single off  of  his (yet untitled) LP,  "Lose Control",  pairs deep bass with an eclectic combination of  Rock and  Trip-Hop.  The video takes your eyes on a journey into the mind of  an abstract visionary.  It all began in a modest apartment in Brooklyn,  where the air was thick with a vibrant mix of  Soul,  Disco,  Jazz,  Rock and Salsa.  "Music is an integral part of  my everyday life; it's woven the fabric of  the man that I am today” says  TYi.  In the early 90's he started off  with freestyle raps transitioning to written verses and eventually penning full length songs at the age of  15.  Once he mastered structuring lyrical content,  he moved onto behind the scenes production.  Samples from a track board gave way to performing on legendary stages like SOB's in New  York's Soho district.  His signature sound uses live congas,  guitars,  violins,  harmonicas and pianos,  creating a soundtrack that is truly original.   "My material comes from my experiences and what’s happening in the world around me.  It’s very personal; I meant it to be that way because music is the one thing that will always bring people together" says King Flows.  

Contact & Booking Info: Email: Mobile: (929)258-6927 Social Media: IG/TWITTER: @TyiFlows  (Lose Control  Video)

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