Thursday, December 29, 2016

Antanesha Dallas Upcoming Female Rapper

I'd like to introduce Antanesha Dallas as a female rapper. She is 27 years old, born February 8th 1989. From Brooklyn NY. Antanesha was raised in Chelsea area  lower Manhattan. She took to music at a very young age. She started writing small poems and stories at the age of nine then later on turned her writings into  spoken word and rhymes. When she was about the age of twelve- thirteen she started publicly rapping in March. Creating more stories with her music. Rapping was a hidden talent of hers, why because she would normally play basketball with her  seven brothers. Antanesha would talk about them a lot. Antanesha greatest inspirations are her mother and her son. They pushed  and inspired her  to never give up.
All Antanesha wants to do is make good music and be able to take care of my family. In her words "we all we got".
Antanesha has a head full of stories and music. Music is her only way to share it . Every situation shes has been in wheather it's good or all bad, All the abuse and struggle made her  who she is. Some of the artist she listens to is Luryan Hill, Fab, Jada, Nas, Jay Z, Kanye, Slick Rick is her favorite. Here are her social media links go check her out.
Facebook: Dallas
Instagram: Itsdallas_89
Snapchat: Itsdallas8

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