Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Finest LifeStyle's ( Arielle Shontay)

Two thousand and fifteen watching and soaking up information from ice cube n Tracey Morgan and others I knew what I wanted to do and accomplish. ACTING.... I was bit by the bug. Numerous background roles with a few on camera snippets directed on my self and others I know that the goal is even more attainable. I believe that I can and will make a splash on the flim industry and with also doing that in the process, I want to become a example to others and inspire and encourage them that anything.
That they dream, aspire, and believe is attainable especially if god is in the mist and they have the will,drive,and determination to do so. Two thousand seventeen is looking to become an amazing and promising year to look forward to. I may be starting out in background but just know I'm an actress on the rise and one to look out for. Look out for me this coming winter 17 in Fist Fight, Hit A Lick n Saints n Sinners just to name a few. Dream Big. IG:Arishontae Twitter:AShontay Love n Blessings

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