Monday, March 6, 2017

==Against the Ropes == /Joseline Navarro\

The Chocolate Goddess Joseline Navarro is a rising star on the independent wrestling scene still in her rookie year which ends June 2017. She is trained by Brandon Xavier out of the Mega Championship Wrestling Academy in Elyria, Ohio. Already she has wrestled in numerous states including Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky and West Virginia. She is also the only female trainee in her school.

She is the current Fighting Spirit Champion at Mega Championship Wrestling. She is also the first black woman to hold the belt. 

Outside of wrestling, Navarro is a former track and field athlete who excelled in sprint events earning state championships. She also ran briefly in college before quitting to focus on wrestling.  She enjoys traveling, video games, exercising and sports.

Live Long Media:: What is your name?
A:: Joseline Navarro

Live Long Media:: How & why did you become a wrestler?
Joseline Navarro:: I found Mega online and messaged them and they sent me tryout information. I wanted to become a wrestler because I've always been a fan of it 

Live Long Media:: do you think it's harder for a female wrestler than a Male?
Joseline Navarro:: Of course because we still have this stigma that we can't wrestle or we won't be great at it because we're women. It's much harder for us to get respect but I work hard for mine all the time.

Live Long Media:: What company's have you worked for?
Joseline Navarro:: Mega Championship Wrestling, XICW, PCW, NWA Midwest just to name a few.

Live Long Media:: Have you been in the Ring with any well-known names?
Joseline Navarro:: If you mean like former WWE superstars or something then no.

What is your nationality?
Joseline Navarro:: I have dual citizenship

What are your goals as a wrestler?
Joseline Navarro:: To become one of the top wrestlers in the world, Make it to the WWE.

What else do you do besides wrestling?
Joseline Navarro:: Traveling, video games, exercise, hanging out with friends, watching sports etc.

A great interview from Joseline Navaro. Expect more to come as Miss Joseline is on the rise!

Twitter: Jos_E_Navarro Instagram:@joseline__navarro

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