Thursday, March 16, 2017

LiveLongMedia Exclusive (Ryan Atkins)

Jersey’s own Ryan Atkins is an R&B recording artist and songwriter well known throughout the Tri-State area. She’s been featured on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop and is truly a woman that will stop at nothing to entertain. Early on in life, she discovered her passion for music and set out to begin pursuing her dream.
With her versatility and musicality, the sound of her music can best be described as pure and passionate with truthful meaning. 
Ryan’s latest album “Misery Loves Company”, talks about love, lust, pain, and living through the highs and lows. Ryan’s music is a stylistic fusion: “ When people ask me about the style of this album, I can’t define it in just one word. It’s just a heartfelt true meaning behind every track. A woman not afraid to tell her closest stories yet look onto the world and still be able to love. 

Instagram: ryanismusiq 
Facebook: ryanismusiq1 
Twitter: ryanismusiq 

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