Sunday, May 15, 2016

==Against the Ropes == /James Miller\

I was born and raised in Wayne Michigan to my parents joseph and ora miller just 15 mins west of Detroit I was born January 17.1980 I'm 6ft 2 275 pounds ive been a avid wrestling fan since i watch wrestlemania 3 from the pontiac silverdome I've been wrestling a little over a year ive been being trained by mr lexx vegas chuck jackson and noz the wild somoan and a.j fire I've got 2 kids that are my world allison my daughter she's 10 and cody an avid wrestling fan and daddy's biggest fan he's 6 and my wife angela of 7 yrs we been together 

I started out wrestling for m.a.w out in Lorain ohio I'm currently with the o.w.o ohio wrestling organization in Parma and have wrestled for funkdified wrestling federation and the Cleveland wrestling alliance

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