Friday, May 6, 2016

WeekEnd EDITION ~Kieshelle Rawlins~

Kieshelle is considered to be a flawless and talented Gospel saxophonist from Barbados who is vastly becoming an impactful and uprising star in the entertainment industry. With humble beginnings, the artist comes from a strong Christian background placing her emphasis and sincere gratitude to God and by extension the church who has helped to hone and fashion her style & virtuosity. In 2015, Kieshelle was known to be ” the only female Gospel Saxophonist in the Caribbean.”
Kieshelle first picked up music in the year 2004 at the Springer Memorial Secondary School, under the guidance of her teacher Mr. Roger Jordan. Even though she had no real interest into music; as her passion was in athletic, due to an unfortunate injury on the field, Kieshelle was forced into trying the art anyway. As a result, and due to the influence of her teacher Mr. Roger Jordan, along with the constant encouragement of her dad pastor Lennox Rawlins, Kieshelle fell in love with the saxophone and went on to pursue an associate degree in music at the Barbados Community College where she graduated in 2010.
Having graduated from the Barbados Community College with an associate degree in Music, Kieshelle was still undecided as to whether the music industry was the correct path or not. Therefore, with the additional 10 CXC she holds as well as a strong passion for accounting, Kieshelle decided to pursue careers both in teaching and accounting instead. Even though successful in her new endeavours, due to a lack of fulfilment, this detour in her journey didn’t last very long. Having tried everything else, and everything else failing, with a stiff nudging from the Holy spirit, Ms. Rawlins made a decision to pursue her career in Music.
For Kieshelle however, music isn’t just playing a few notes on an instrument, but rather an expression of worship in allowing the holy spirit to use her in ministry. Along with her 10 CXCs and the associate degree in music, Kieshelle also carries with her a list of certificates & accomplishments. Some of these certificates includes distinctions in Grade 4, 5 and 8 music exams from the Royal Barbados School of Music. Her accomplishments also include Gold & Bronze medals from Nifca, “The most impactful awardee of the 2013 Spirit of the Nation Show”, the title in 2015 of “The only female Gospel Saxophonist in the Caribbean” and an award from the 2016 Barbados Flame award.
Ms. Rawlins who stands by her mission statement, “Be honest, be yourself but be the best you this world can see,” has seen here fair share of stages. Kieshelle has ministered at churches all across Barbados. Some of these may include, “Abundant Life Assemblies, Mount of Praise, Trinity Outreach Ministries, Ellerton Wesleyan Holiness, The people’s Cathedral, Power in the Blood Assemblies, C.E.F Miracle Centre, churches of the Nazarene and a number of churches under PAWI.
Apart from church ministry, Kieshelle has also been a feature artist of public events in Barbados, such as “Do Soething World,” “Love, Poetry and Song,” “NIFCA 2013.\,” “Faith in Fest’s Success,” “Sagicor’s Lighting Ceremony,” “Tasha Cobbs- Break Every Chain Concert,” “The Spirit of the Nation Show and her debut concert in 2015 entitled, Kieshelle Rawlins in concert-“MOVING FORWARD.”
Kieshelle continues to shine for excellence as she desires to take her ministry and career throughout the world, bringing lost souls into the kingdom of God. Along with ministry at churches, Kieshelle continues to play at events such as weddings, dinners, concerts, parties, anniversaries and much more.
She can be contacted for bookings via telephone 1, 1(246)234-1992(246)249-7177,1(246)433-0079. Kieshelle is also available on YouTube and Facebook where you can follow her page/channel for a series of Past/present and future engagements. You can also feel free to send an e-mail to


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