Monday, May 9, 2016

Finest LyfeStyle's { Amir }

Amir was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is the next to the youngest of eight children having four brothers and three sisters. With the nickname Amirdo the Weirdo growing up wasn't easy for this love ballet soulful singer. From the tender age of three he has been passed around from home to home in and out of different group and foster homes. For many foster care and homes creates a better life for children. However, for Amir it got worse before it even looked brighter. While being a warden of the state of Pennsylvania contact with his siblings and parents was far and few between. His father passed away when he was 14 years old and still in foster care, and his mother had fallen victim to drugs and alcohol.

At the age of 18 years old Amir was released from the state as a free man yet still a boy to face the world alone. Feeling more estranged from his family than ever before Amir set out to find his family and loved ones. With years of searching they all were reunited, but it wasn't the fairytale ending he expected. Everyone seemed to be very well doing their own thing, which was very exciting. They had families of their own families now which was a joy to become apart of. Still motivated by love but hurt from abandonment Amir felt all his blessings coming and began to be at peace. After coming in contact with his mother and beginning to develop a relationship and bond sadly she passed away. Throughout the struggle and constant trials and tribulations of setbacks, love, and desertion Amir remains humble and strong. He has faced head on many obstacles where the thought of giving up on life itself was a common thought that crossed his mind. Yet he is still here standing and fighting. He was blessed with a voice for the world to hear and will not stop until just that.

Alot of Amir's childhood was spent in Homewood, one of Pittsburgh's most dangerously known neighborhoods. Surrounded by drugs, guns, and gang violence he had no choice but to develop what they call "thick skin". After being placed in an upscale Pittsburgh neighborhood, Fox Chapel. Many would have thought this was the blessing coming for Amir, but he was already adapted to the environment he came from and found himself in trouble. Amir was sent to an all male juvenile placement facility, Glen Mills where he graduated with honors landing him the Herman W. Barcus scholorship for $20,000.

While in foster care and group homes Amir was nicknamed Amirdo the weirdo by other kids because he enjoyed being alone and screaming as they called it, but to him he was purely singing from the heart. At the age of five is when he began singing. It started with him imitating TV commercials; he had nobody to play with so he would just copy what he seen everyone watching as a way of getting some attention. It paid off when he heard the song "Can We Talk" by Tevin Campbell. It was always being played and everyone always was smiling singing along, one day he began singing it at the top of his lungs and everyone became quiet, instead of telling him to "shut-up" everyone started clapping and encouraging him to sing. He would be told to sing Stevie Wonder, Tyrese, Jagged Edge, Whitney Houston, Usher, Beyonce, Dru Hill, and many more all to whom he looks at as role models of the industry . At that point he began to sing everything, even his regular conversations. When he felt down, lonely, happy, etc he would sing how he felt. While attending school Amir was involved in the school choir as well as the church choir whenever he was with a family that allowed him to attend church services.

To date Amir has accomplished so much with his music career. He has performed throughout the city of Pittsburgh, PA as well as Philadelphia, PA, Akron, OH, Baltimore, MD and many more. He has opened up for Atlantic records artist Kirko Bangz, Snootie Wild, Fat Trel, and Supa Star LT. Amir has done features with a host of artist throughout the Pittsburgh area. Currently available for download on is his second release, Tease (2014); also his debut release Nothing (2013)is available for download   Spring 2016 Amir's third release Anywhere But Here will be released. 

Although it was a rough start for Amirdo the weirdo, he was able to defeat the hardtimes. As today he inspires to be better than yesterday and prepare for a better tomorrow, keep your eyes and ears open as you are now witnessing a star being born... AMIR.

Coming spring 2016 

Here are links to two singles off the upcoming release

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