Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Finest LyfeStyle's { Lish Ventura }

Lish Ventura

Singer Songwriter Lish Ventura hails from Boston, Massachusetts and has spent time in the past year as the lead singer with the band "Sweet Sacrifice" an Evanescence tribute act from the same city. She is currently working under the Crush Media Studios Record Label on brand new original material for the coming year. Lish has been recording with this label since early 2013 concentrating on cover songs and videos. She has been in the top 10 spot on the Revebnation charts for more than a year and spent considerable time at #1 on the Boston Charts. Her YouTube channel has a vast array of songs, but is heavily influenced by Amy Lee and the sound of the Grammy award winning band Evanescence.

Lish is working with triple platinum winning producer, Sunny Lake who has produced such artist as New Kids on the Block and many other major artists. She is now working on new material to be included in an album of original songs to be released in the coming year that includes music written by multi Platinum songwriter Clif Magness of Avil Lavinge fame. 

            Her musical performance influences started as a young lady on the stage acting and singing in many local theater productions. In early 2013 she began a journey into full time music career working with Crush Records senior development producer Eric Baird. It was then that she found a love for music styles like that of Amy Lee and others in the new metal genre. Over the last 2 years she has released 3 cover albums that are available on ITunes, Amazon, and Google music. She can also be heard on Spotify and Sound Cloud. She currently has over 40 songs posted on ReverbNation, but always appreciates fans downloading her music from ITunes as it helps to support her forward progress.


            For the future Lish is working on a new live music act that will include bothe original and cover songs. She recently performed at the annual Worcester Music awards gala. With several major music videos in production and new music coming out of the studio we are sure to see much more of this talented and beautiful young lady in the coming year.

            Lish’s fan base reaches worldwide and includes several fan made pages in France, the USA, and South America. She currently has over 50,000 twitter followers with that number increasing daily.

            You can find out more about Lish Ventura by following her many social media links to stay up to date with her releases.




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