Monday, April 11, 2016

Finest LyfeStyle's { Brandon Carter }

 Brandon Lamar Carter was born September 5,1980 to single Mom Gina Carter. Coming from an athletic background Brandon excelled in all sport's basketball being number one. Jumping off the porch early opened up a whole new world for him as he begun to get in trouble.
     With his mother working two job's sometime's three and him being an only child. His mind soon ventured off sport's and soon found himself in a Wayne County Jail System revolving door. 
     By Yahweh's great blessing and God's given talent. B.Carter aka Bishop had arisen from the ashes. Starting as a apprentice through Worldwide Core Radio. He soon found his calling as a co host on one of the station's show's he call's it taking on the core challenge. After month's of hard work and dedication B. Carter aka Bishop was offered his own slot and from there JuiceNation was born sponsored by SlappinMixtapes. Being the newest hottest show at Worldwide Core Radio Bishop remains humble stays in prayer and feels there's still work to be done.

2.) (Facebook) Brandon Lamar Carter 
3.) (Instagram) @juicenation777

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