Thursday, April 14, 2016

Finest LyfeStyle's { Ms Laza }

known by her stage name Ms Laza is an R&B/Hip Hop artist
> from Bronx, NY. She grew up musically influenced by mainstream artist
> like Lauryn Hill, Mary J Blige, Alicia Keys just to name a few.
> Her music portrays real life heartbreak and happiness. Her original
> lyrics give good insight on what she has felt and opens you up to her
> world on a level that everyone can relate to. She has always sung at
> open mic showcases since the young age of 15, However she has
> officially decided to share her gift with the world. She writes about
> her experiences whether good or bad, and doesn't hold back from
> expressing them.
> Ms Laza brings forth many talents not only singing. She is a model,
> Internet radio personality, and an event hostess. Branding herself
> worldwide through Internet radio as Ms Ohso, she is ready to share
> with the world who Ms Laza truly is.
> With her new project soon to be released titled, Takin My Luv Bak...
> it will show how heartbreak is something that everyone has dealt with
> but with God will one day overcome. Thus inspiring the title she is
> doing just that, Taking Her Luv Bak! Her first single, Silent Killer,
> has been played on several internet radio stations in Virginia, NY,
> and Maryland... One can see, she has a unique sound that is ear
> catching and intriguing-leaving... you wanting to hear more. Since the
> song is inspired by a recent breakup, instead of wallowing in her
> tears she, wrote about it and started recording. Giving all her hurt
> and pain to the Mic and being, front and center on every song. Her
> music, is solely produced by her team known as Black Indian
> Productions, which is also based out Hampton, Virginia.
> She lives by this motto, " Always remember to forget to be afraid.
> Heartache and pain is just part of the game."
> Instagram: msohsohappi
> Facebook: Charisse Ohsohappi Laza
> Email:

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