Friday, April 1, 2016

Finest LyfeStyle's ( Jae Rellz )


It’s past 2:30 in the morning and a bright light can still be seen clearly beneath the closed studio door. On the inside, the melodic beat pounds through the speakers as the track loops back for a second verse. Weaving it’s way through the air and into the minds of those who patiently wait for it’s coming, is the voice of a man who has a lot to say and more to give. Through a strong lyrical ability, a voice that immediately catches your attention, and a solid grind that has landed him the title of one of Pennsylvania’s best-kept secret, Jae Rellz is far more than the average rapper. Equipped with an ability to turn his life experiences into words that can reach the masses, his approach to the Mic is one of confidence, truth, and humility. Born and raised in York City, Pennsylvania by his mother, Jae Rellz is an artist with stories to tell. While he admits to being influenced by his environment a time or two in the past, his determination to use his experiences as a motivational way to rise above negativity has helped him put his talent for music in perspective. Although the young MC has been inspired by well known artists like Biggie Smallz, Hell Rell, Styles P, Uncle Murda, Ransom, Sheek Louch, and Tru Life, it was the lyrics of his brother, E-Gunz that pushed him towards music. “When my brother was locked up he used to rap and record tapes that he would send home for me to hear”, states Jae Rellz. “I was about 15 at the time and I remember those raps really moved me to doing it on my own.” Said Rellz. With a quick creative process that allows him the ability to write whole songs within an hour time frame, Jae Rellz has attracted the attention of more than just a budding fan base. Having already been featured on a number of local and national DJ mixtapes it’s clear to see why he has already been set apart from others. “What sets me aside from other rappers is my voice and how hard I go in on a beat. I spit and go hard no matter what kind of record I’m doing. It all helps me to be able to do any type of song that might come my way.” Inspired by his drive to be heard and his dedication to reaching the ears of music lovers everywhere, Jae Rellz has learned how to creatively join his gift for words and his birth right of music. With the recent establishing of Jae Bronx, a committee comprised of talented individuals, he will surely elevate to the next level soon. Determined to “strike while the iron is hot” and pursue his dream of becoming a household name, Jae Rellz sees no reason for slowing down. With new music and new projects set to drop throughout his career with his partner Lisa Bronx behind him, Jae Rellz will definitely be a force to be reckoned with for years to come.

TWITTER: @JaeRellz_ & @JaeBronx

Instagram: JaeRellz_

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