Thursday, March 10, 2016

Finest LifeStyle's ( Charles Reed )

This is me

Absolutley Up Next"

-  Cedric Hollywood, Radio PD



Charles is searching for his place in the entertainment industry- BruceHawse

Just like Marvin Gaye wrote about having sex in his songs, Charles Reed’s writes about having-sex too. The type of music stories that this “Millennial-Artist” chooses contains all of the elements that reflect the music trend of today’s American society. People work hard for a living. So they want to play hard! Some critics say that the youth are not writing real songs. That is a matter of opinion. In my opinion today’s youth are only expressing what they feel that they want to do. Some songwriters can only write from their own life experiences. Charles is searching for his place in the entertainment industry. So he created a trendy song. And the image that he portrays in his videos reflects his urban-millennial-lifestyle.

His new single: “I Think That I”, features a lovely young lady who he has his eye on. She appears to have the same thing on her mind that he has on his mind. The words of the song then indicate that he wants to bypass the romance and go directly to having sex with this young lady. Eventually, the director takes the singer /actors to the bedroom scene. After an implied sexual encounter with the lady, Charles declares that he is in love. Is he talking about marrying the young lady? I really don’t think so. I believe that Charles was expressing that he was in the moment. Perhaps the, mot-so-hidden message is: Charles is in-love with having sex. 


Charles Reed definitely has talent. But it was in the first video that I saw: “4EVERUS,” that I saw a touch of “USHER” in him. In that video, Charles showed that he had a flash of the ability to dance and sing at the same time. But professional stage vocal & dancing performance abilities requires an artists to invest a lot of time into developing and perfecting this talent. This combination helped to make Michael Jackson   become a major-star. 

Wrote By: Bruce Hawse  Music Artist Writer Advisory Inc., Hawes Consultations



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