Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Finest LifeStyle's ( William Young )

Prior to sweeping local and national airwaves, William Young was always an influential youth with an innate ability to mesmerize peers with his lyrics. Born William De Jesus Jr and of Puerto Rican decent, the Brooklyn-bred author and mc had a compulsion for writing and expressing himself artistically through music since age seven. 


Growing up in a tight knit family allowed him to be exposed to the music of multiple generations-thus began his ability to fuse melodies in a unique way. His grandmother purchased him his first record player at age 7 ½ with a vinyl rap record he’d engross himself in day in and day out. In the meantime, his parents & uncle emphasized the importance of education insisting that the more he explored academically-the deeper his imagination would become. Passing with fair grades, each report card displayed his passion for writing with repeated years of A’s in the subject.


At the age of 11 William and a cousin of the same age were discovered by a local manager who observed the duo rapping in a park against a group of teens. He presented a contract, which was never signed by William’s parents due to his declining school average. In high school, he rapped under the name “Grenade” due to his explosive punch lines and delivery and was jumped (beat up) numerous times for embarrassing contenders with his wordplay. His moniker would soon be changed to “William Young” when the realization set in amongst his peers that he was a musical form of  “Billy the Kid”, attacking beats with the finesse of a skilled marksman. He soon was introduced to Wu-Tang Clan member “Masta Killa” who lived in the neighborhood & than to “Blahzay Blahzay” who at the time had a national hit record titled ‘Danger’. Both men would mentor him & encourage him to begin recording. 


Shortly after the completion of high school he was discovered by former Bad Boy Entertainment rapper “Craig Mac” & caught the attention of “Wyclef Jean” before making a decision that ultimately led him to prison. Released in 2011 with a determination to never deviate from his life’s path again, he published his first book GORILLA KHAN which contained a soundtrack hosted by Hot 97.1 FM/Sirius Shade45 DJ Kay Slay. Both created a buzz immediately, then came a musical feature on pop song ‘Take Flight’ which aired on Z100 radio. Interviews followed, marking him the first published author to be a recognized MC in hip-hop. 


Months later, he was featured on DJ Kay Slay’s mix-tape alongside rappers JR Writer (of Dipset) & Tone Trump (signed to rapper Young Jeezy). He was nominated TOP 5 Unsigned Hype in issue #29 of Straight Stuntin Magazine alongside Tiffany Foxx who appeared at 2013 BET Awards. In October 2013 he released his first single ‘Ain’t Dying Alone’ featuring Papoose under his own independent label U-KHAN ENTERTAINMENT.


At present, his catalogue continues to swell as he belts out hit music. His YEAR OF THE KHAN (album/mixtape) dropped early 2016 along with gracing the cover issue #40  of STRAIGHT STUNTIN MAGAZINE for his success in music & penning the biography of VH1 reality star Puma of Black Ink crew.  He’s recorded with multi-platinum producer DR Period & has worked with legendary rapper Sadat X of Brand Nubians well as other notable hip-hop names. 

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