Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Finest LyfeStyle's ( Pritty Militant )

Pritty Militant

Since childhood, music has always been a part of my life and development of what I am trying to deliver as a young female RAP Artist.

My Mother used to listen to “Old School” in my day, but REAL music in her era of growth. My mother was adamant in not playing the Gangster Rap music in her household, and as a young adult, I had no choice but to respect her rules.  Although, I was like every other young adult, trying and promiscuous. I reflect on how I tried to change the gangster lyrics, to acceptable lyrics and music that my mother would approve.

Without recognizing the creativity, tenacity to change and develop a sound and lyrics that was accepted in my household, I was writing at a capacity that was genius.
Lessons were being applied that I never recognized.  The lesson of respect and being humble with lyrics/words just flowed like water.
I was focused on changing a pattern that was stereotyped by many adults, to a humbly and respected acceptance.
I was bought up to respect my elders, but I loved the unique hardness of truth from the streets. 
It was my 1st challenge in my music career, as well as opportunity to change the typical thinking of my mother’s era.

Queen Latifa, MC Lyte and Sweet T were my inspirations.  I was “WOWED” by woman getting into the industry strong.
It was then I saw my very 1st opportunity to make a difference for young women.  They have opened doors for many young women, such as myself.
I was afforded the opportunity to perform with “Mob Deep”.
That opportunity confirmed my game changed!   I was being blessed and ready to begin my journey in the Hip Hop Rap Industry.
I was able to spend a significant amount of quality time with Eric Sherman as well.  I was blessed.

I was well on my way, then LIFE hit at a very young age. Challenges that were never expected came into play. I had no clue on how to cope with everything with a clear conscience.
Life’s lessons were a huge hurdle, which was not part of my plan. 
My way of dealing with these challenges was to write and express my emotions. 
More lessons came, before the old teachings were put to bed.  Double the challenge and the more they came, the more I realized the difficulty in dealing with them.
I channeled my confusion and expressed it into my music.  I must admit, those adversities have forced me to write passionately. My loved ones could feel and understand where I was in my life.

I have learned from “Life’s Lessons”. Now I am communicating to others, to never give up and pursue your dreams, no matter the hurdles that are presented.

God, children, music and my team/family are a priority today.

I am anxious to step to the next challenge and I really look forward to giving back to all young women taking on the challenge to become.

I am an entrepreneur, and I encourage all young women that love the rap game, to push and achieve their message.
In addition to my pursuit, I have learned it is advantageous to diversify my creativity and my entrepreneurship together.

My production company is “TIL IT HURTS” which is my acronym for:
The I’llest LI Team Hitting Universal Resources Thru Speakers.
I am consistently applying energy to every aspect of the industry.
One never knows where a simple concept can lead to.

I would like to thank GOD, 1st and foremost, my TEAM and FAN base for giving me the encouragement to continue with my PURPOSE and DREAMS.

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