Friday, March 25, 2016

Fly Lyfe model's ( Amberr Laura From LA Love & Hip- Hop )

Here you go!

I am emailing you VH-1 Reality Show Star Amberr Laura from LA Love and Hip Hop information for your review. She is currently accepting hosting dates in your city.

Amber Hunter, professionally known as Fabb Abb and Amberr Laura, was born on December 3, 1987 in Hollywood, CA and is the second child of Westley and Angela Hunter. She is a songwriter, rapper, guitarist and television personality.  Amber’s love for music flourished at the young age of 5. She started an all-girl musical group at the age of 8, frequently performing at local talent shows and events. At the age of 16, she took her talent further and formed a two-girl group with her younger sister Kelly Robinson called Lisa Rio. Lisa Rio was widely known throughout Los Angeles where they frequently performed. In 2007, Lisa Rio released their first EP and joined forces with King Ashad, TMack, and SKB form-ing the musical collective Kush Kids Illa. The group released their debut mixtape in 2011.  Amber went on to pursue modeling, but this was cut short in favor of her true passion of music. In 2012, Amber embarked on her solo rap career. Amber has written songs for recording artists lo-cally and abroad. Her musical talent caught the attention of Mona Scott-Young and in 2015 she rose to fame as the star of VH1’s hit TV show Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. She subsequently re-leased her first major single “They Don’t Know” to critical acclaim and commercial success. She will be releasing her first EP in the first half of 2016.

Please email for open dates and other questions you may have.

Add her Instagram to all online blogs and social media outlets   Instagram @AmberrLaura

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