Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Finest LifeStyle (La’Nya)

La’Nya Shalay Downey was born in Cleveland, Ohio, March 17, 1992.  Better known by her stage name “Nya Shalay”, is a Cleveland artist, songwriter, model, and actress. Living the younger years of her life with a grandmother, mom and siblings, Nya did get a taste of good life. Her family was sitting pretty well off until an unfortunate event took place. From a 6 Bedroom gorgeous $300,000 dollar home, Nya’s family ended up in the struggle. As Nya began to become of age she slowly began to realize the odds stacked against her. Though her mother was one tough cookie, and very influential in her life, nothing prepared her for the future mishaps, misfortunes, and unpredictable setbacks she would eventually encounter.
Nya Shalay began putting everything she was going through into her lyrics. Over the years while perfecting her craft, 9 years later combined at the time with brother “Lucky Bodega” who was also lyrically inclined, they quickly began to realize how much talent they possessed together. Between the two they flooded the streets with a hip hop style and a sound that no one had ever heard before. “Money Hungry”, “Summer Nights”, “Slimy” just to name a few, had the streets banging. First video “Summer Nights” dropped on YouTube and received over 3,000 hits in just a couple weeks. However, because of her beauty, swag, and flows alone “Nya Shayla” holds it down all on her own at this time. First single “Im So F’n Gorgeous” gives you a taste of just how much power her beauty beholds.
With a combination of her upbringing, street knowledge, book smarts, and Pisces creativity, “Nya Shalay” has definitely created an obtrusive, so out of the ordinary style and flow that she easily transcends over other underground artist tracks she has featured on. On a mission to the top, influenced by Tupac, Nicki Minaj and Yo Gotti, she is eager to continue working hard and collaborating as she prepares to drop her first album. She is currently the lead actress in an up and coming movie called “Family First: The Nina Ross Story” She is ready to introduce herself. The industry will welcome her I am sure!

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