Monday, March 28, 2016

Finest Lyfestyle's ( Andria Garcia )

Born and raised in the Upper West side of New York City, Andria Garcia appears on the scene with a new fresh voice that is sure to get any party started. With proud Dominican roots running through her veins, she draws inspiration from the Latino and American community. Her story began when she had a dream to sing and perform at the age of 5. She began exploring her drawing and painting skills which also became her passion at a young age. Little Andria was hopeful that one day she would be able to share her music and art work with the world while being a great role model for young Latino kids that deal with the pressures of being a first generation in the United States. Growing up, she considered her idols to be Selena, Aaliyah, Gloria Estefan, Toni Braxton, Lauyrn Hill, Christina Aguilera and Shakira. In 2005, she met rapper/producer Clipsmoke who introduced her to the production of music and song writing.
After a long time admiring recording artists, in 2009; she began recording songs of her own with the help of her producer and friend Clipsmoke. They musically began working together and within a few months, "Smooth Operator" was created being her debut appearance on a Clipsmoke album. The song became the first single for the rapper/producer's album, Open Head Surgery.  Great reviews were given about her voice and encouraged Andria to begin writing her own songs.
Even though the public enjoyed her songs, in her household things were much different. Both of her parents were hesitant about her music abilities turning into a career and insisted she concentrate on finishing her Bachelors degree. Her sister encouraged her and became a major part of her inspiration as well. Andria states, "I couldn't have done this without the support and positive attitude of my sister or my friend Clipsmoke. They both guided me to where I'm at now and I thank them for that".
She has performed at local venues in the New York City area doing showcases and Open Mic nights to expand her crowd. In the spring of 2011, Andria was introduced to members Broadway and Capital T of Paranoid Muisk group at an open Mic in downtown Manhattan. Andria began to work with Broadway by doing features on his project, The Money Green Giant which was released in 2012. With the release of The Money Green Giant, Paranoid Musik released Broadway’s music video, Vanilla Skies featuring Andria Garcia and Dxts and later ANHTM which can both be found on YouTube and the Paranoid Musik website.
In her final year at Brooklyn College, Andria Garcia executed her first solo exhibition All Stars as her BFA Thesis in order to graduate. Her work consisted of watercolor, markers, glitter, and Styrofoam boards that explained the evolution of a star in vibrant colors. The large scale of her work became an eye opener for many people and left them surprised on how she used the gallery space in a different way. The opening night was a great success and the audience continuously raved about the large scale and details of the work. Her show was eventually featured as a write up in the Brooklyn College newspaper, The Kingsman and graduated with a big bang in May in the class of 2013.
At the end of her summer in 2013, Andria Garcia teamed up with Harlem native Carlovy Musicc to feature on his latest project with the single “A Beautiful Thing” and released the video on Vevo right after. With the help of Carlovy Musicc, she also landed a feature on the Intro of Jak Skelly’s Album Respect the Mecca with visuals soon to be released.
As 2014 rolled in, Andria joined forces with producer Michael K Sounds McKinney and signed on to the Overdose Music Group label as a recording artist. With one song left to record for the project, Andria faced the challenge of losing her mentor, Michael K Sounds and reevaluated the project after such a tragedy. In late 2015, Andria decided to continue on with her planned project and released her highly anticipated EP set titled, Art Comes First. In this project she describes her love for the Arts and her passion to keep it alive through her voice and lyrics.  Just like her musical influences, her project will consist of Urban Pop, R&B, Dance, Latin infusion with elements of Hip-hop mixed in.
With 2016 rolling in, Ms. Garcia continues to work on future music projects and is in the works of releasing her first music video. Her next project is set to be released alongside her website later on within the year. For more information on Andria Garcia's music, follow her Facebook music page at , Souncloud at, Instagram at @andriagarcia .

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