Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Finest LifeStyle's( Terria "Fyre Red" Mitchell )

Terria "Fyre Red" Mitchell was born in Cleveland ohio March 8,1989. Music became a huge influnce in her life during her childhood years and she began writing poems at age nine. Coming from humble beginnings, Fyre began persuing a music career at age fifteen in a group called Fedahroll. She began her solo career at age eighteen when the group parted ways. At nineteen she found out she would be a mother and had a son June of 2009. It was the best blessing she had ever recieved and planned to be a better mother than her own biological mother who was in and out her entire life. Raised by her grandmother and aunt who she looked to for guidance Fyre overcame all the adversity until the day her son was tragically killed in a car accident. After a year of grieving her first born she decided she had to return to music. To share her stories and maybe help others with her many tears and heart breaks. To live her dreams and most important make her son (would be seven this year)and daughter (now age two) proud. Fyre is currently living and persuing a music career in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Ig: fyrereddafyreball

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