Friday, March 18, 2016

Mixing Things up ( Dj Sylk )

DJ Sylk

         Hollis Queens, New York is where the world of music began for DJ Sylk. Growing up in the house with his older brother Djing in the basement and surrounded by thousands of records all a person can do is fall in love with music. At the age of 9 was the first time Sylk ever touched a pair of Technic 1200 turntables, and from that point on he knew what he wanted to do. Everyday after school Sylk would rush home to get on the set and practice for hours.  It was 4 years later before Sylk played out in front of a crowd on the Spirit of New York, Sylk played alongside NYC’s top House Music DJ’s that included his brother.
         Through out the years DJ Sylk continue to pursue his passion while listening and studying from the NYC’s best DJ’s.  As any DJ should go through in their career Sylk has opened up for and shared the stage with top DJ’s worldwide. Some of these DJ’s include: Kool DJ Red Alert, Marley Marl, Cut Master Cool V, DJ Kool, DJ Ace, Kid Capri, DJ S-1, and many more. With all that experience DJ Sylk has worked his way to be a headliner himself.
          Currently DJ Sylk is the Show DJ for the Legendary Roxanne Shante and one of the hottest up and coming artists JenniFair. Also DJ Sylk is one of the DJ’s sponsored by the only Vodka & Tequila mixture in one bottle called Vodkila.  You can catch DJ Sylk as a personality on “For The Love Of R&B” on every Tuesday from 10P.M. to Midnight also on his mix show “The RockOut Session” on every Friday from 4P.M. to 6P.M. you can follow DJ SYLK on all social media

FaceBook: DJ SYLK
Instagram: @DJSYLK
Twitter: @DJSYLK
Periscope: @DJSYLK

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