Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Life of a Young Teenager (Nicie Prince)

Hi, my name is Nicie Prince. I'm official alumni of Cleveland State University. I graduated in December of 2015. Graduating college is my greatest accomplishment although it wasn't easy. I went to college straight from high school in 2011. I started at Eastern Michigan University and then transfer in 2013. My freshman was learning experience despite the problems I had with my roommate. I started to go to church too. My sophomore year I moved from the freshman dorm into an apartment with my sister. It was very hard two people and rent was expensive haha Michigan for you. I was nearly working more 40 hrs a week with full time schedule of course work. Sadly it caught up with me I missed my science final and got an "F". I was very disappointed but that wasn't my first "F" . I failed English 121 because I plagiarized not once but twice. I ended up passing English with eight page paper on plagiarism. Another college embarrassment my professor used my email I sent to her to show the class howMy junior year experience was great meeting new friends and getting my first major internship. Nevertheless my senior year was exhausted. I started off the semester missing a lot of class. I got together toward the end. It just seem like so much work things were getting very seriously. I even questioned was I going to graduated? My childhood was very dark. My mother was drug addict and my father was alcoholic. There was a lot of instances were I seen domestic violence between them. My mother would even put us out the house in some cases. There was a week with no communication with my mother, So I called our case worker and we got put into Child Protection Services. I have older sister and two brother. My mother lost custody of us to our grandmother. I didn't see my mother again until I was sixteen years old. I thank god for my grandma she's the reason why I'm the person I am today. If my grandma didn't take us in no telling how are life's would have been. My grandma was very stricted. No fighting, no cursing, no sex, we had an curfew before the street lights were on. All I did was study and come home from school. Yeah I went outside. When I return to my mother things went well but I still want to be with my grandma. I learn my mother still has work to do. She didn't raise us so she don't know how to be a mother. My mother always push the importance of education.

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