Monday, March 14, 2016

Story of my life ( Eirka Marie)

Hi my name is Erika and I have two other siblings besides me. Growing up my grandmother made it her business that I was in church every Sunday. I attend Garfield Chruch. where I gave my life to Christ. My grandmother ended up finding another chruch to attend. Which was kinsman avenue chruch of God. I was in the chruch choir, flag Ministry,drill team and many more.

Growing up I love helping others. I help my grandma take care of my grandfather. Thats how I decided what career I wanted to do. I applyed for The help foundation. Working there with the MRDD kids gave me the experience I needed. I worked there for 6 years, and I really enjoyed it. Three years ago around August I applied for Contemporary Service Corporation. Got a interview and I was hired on. I worked there for 3 years. My 3rd year I've became a supervisor. It's good when you have people watching you, and see what a very hard worker you are. I love my job. Now that I got supervisor experience not I can apply for, any supervisor position other than where I'm working at. Am also a manager at my other job. Went from cleaning to manager. 

In 2007 I enrolled in Jane Addams business career center where I took up marketing. I didn't chose that field of career I got putting in that career, because the medical field was already filled. I graduated from Jane Addams business career center making me roll my whole four years attending there and also prefect attention. I didn't think I was going to make it, because all these essays and presentations. Yeah I was shy. But I had to do what I have to do in ordsonto graduate. I didn't  believe in missing any days of school. You miss you miss a lot. My mom didn't play about missing days. She would get up every morning, and walk us to the bus stop. No matter how old we were. I ended up graduating from Jane Addams business career center top 25 of my class. 

I enrolled at Cuyahoga Community College where I took up the bases course. Math, English and Social Studies. I attened there for two years, and decided to transfer over to Bryant and Stratton College. At Bryant and Stratton College, I end up taking up medical assistance. I attended there for about six-month or more. I stop going because of my pregrancy. After my pregrancy I was going to enroll back in school. But something had me thinking If you were to enrolled back in schoolhow are you going to take care of a baby? Then study and do school work at the same time. I have to the focus on one thing at a time. So when my baby turn one am going to enroll back in school. " cuz your girl ain't no failure". Now that I got the 6 years experience working with the MRDD kids am going back to school for a assistant teacher.

On March 22, 2015. I gave birth to my handsome son Josiah smith. I couldn't ask for anything better. My joy my, my life and my everything..

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