Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Finest LifeStyle's (Princezetta)

Princess Jacquelyn-Andréa Smith, born October 12, 1997 in Detroit, Michigan. She is the youngest child born to Andréa Stringer and Marko Smith. She was brought up in a musical family; Her grandparents were in a musical group, uncle sung with the temptations, aunty and uncle were the voices of the family, and was given the gift of an MC from her mother and father who performed locally in Detroit. Princezetta would remember the lines to her favorite movies such as The Wizard of OZ, Little Orphan Annie and Toy Story and always performed them in front of family and friends. Princezetta started to sing non-stop ever since she was a toddler all the way up until she was a teenager. She was involved in a lot of her middle school talent shows and also many talent shows outside of the school as well. Princezetta focused more on modeling and her personal life than music, but later found that music was her life. Her mother started to move her music career even further at the age of 16. She met and worked with Marshall Block, who use to be involved in the rock band named KISS. He gave her two songs that she recorded in his studio which were her first two original songs. After the experience of being heard in front of small audiences and starting off with two original songs, Princezetta has remarkably rewritten and helped produce her own twists to covers of popular artists. She tried out for singing talent shows such as America's Got Talent and The Voice as well. She use to sing songs along with her Aunt, Teresa, a/k/a Tlee who use to background for Detroit's Rap group Mersonary Killaz with CEO, “Citty G”. At the age of 14 she went to visit Washington for a few days where her cousin Kerry heard the talent that she held. Princezetta went to studios every time she visit Washington every summer. Not resting there, she also worked with her cousin, Twayne Richardson with her beats and Juzby (cousin) as another known rapper in Detroit, along with Detroit rapper Vyrus that she collaborates with on occasions on her mixtape. She now have a video coming out in March of 2016, a mixtape with Juzby, (cousin) called “Truffle Butter” / “Boss Chick”. She is currently working on new material each day and known for her awesome covers and skills to sing, rap, and act.